Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss services offered in Durham and Charlotte, NC and Arlington, VA

For many, weight loss is easier than weight management. Recognizing a need for a more holistic approach to weight loss, Carmen Chatten, FNP-BC, at Of Skin and Wellness in Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Arlington, Virginia, offers a comprehensive plan that helps you reach your weight goals and stay there. Call the office nearest you or book a consultation online today to learn more about weight loss at Of Skin and Wellness. 

Weight Loss Q&A

My genetics make weight loss hard. What can I do?

Genetics is one of the many factors that influence your weight and ability to lose weight. Your overall health, age, and sex also influence your weight. 

Of Skin and Wellness recognizes that no single diet plan or exercise program works for all and offers genetic testing that looks at specific DNA markers that may explain why weight loss is harder for you. 

Carmen uses your personalized genetic wellness report to create a customized weight loss plan that works with your unique genetic profile.

What can I expect during a weight loss consultation?

Of Skin and Wellness is a mental health practice that provides primary care services like weight loss. Carmen is a mental health specialist and uses this approach when addressing health issues like weight. 

Losing weight and keeping it off requires changes in behavior. If you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed, you may have difficulty incorporating the lifestyle changes that lead to long-term success. Carmen understands the connection between mental and physical health and focuses on helping change how you think and feel to improve your behaviors.

During your consultation, Carmen spends time getting to know you, asking about your weight and the obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals. She performs a physical exam and runs lab tests to look for health or genetic issues that may hinder your efforts.

What are some of the weight loss tools? 

Of Skin and Wellness provides comprehensive support for weight loss. Carmen customizes plans based on the information she gathers during your initial evaluation. Your weight loss plan may include:


Nutrition counseling

Of Skin and Wellness provides personalized nutrition counseling, focusing on creating sustainable lifestyle changes, not quick fixes. Carmen also offers nutritional supplements that provide the nutrients your body needs to function better.


Exercise program

Carmen assists in helping you learn and adapt to a full-body workout that best fits your needs. 


Life coaching

Life coaching provides the ongoing support you need to achieve your goals. Of Skin and Wellness is with you every step of the way on your weight-loss journey.


Medication management

Medication management may include weight-loss drugs or injections that help control appetite so you can achieve your goals.

For long-term weight-loss success, call Of Skin and Wellness or use the online booking feature to request an appointment today.