Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health services offered in Durham and Charlotte, NC and Arlington, VA

Prioritizing your mental health allows you to show up as your best self in your personal and professional life. Carmen Chatten, FNP-BC, provides accessible, affordable, and high-quality mental health care at Of Skin and Wellness in Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Arlington, Virginia. Carmen has the experience and resources to customize plans that benefit your overall well-being. Call the nearest office or request an appointment online today. Virtual mental health services are also available.

Mental Health Q&A

Why is mental health important?

Mental health is important because it influences how you feel about yourself and the world around you, the decisions you make, and how you handle stress. 

Many factors influence your mental health, including genetics, environment, and life experiences. However, your mental health is affected any time the demands of life outpace your abilities to cope or manage. 

Of Skin and Wellness is a mental health practice that provides all the resources you need to help you cope with the demands of life. Taking care of your mental health is the first step toward better overall health. 

I feel overwhelmed. When should I seek help for my mental health?

You should seek help for your mental health when your overwhelming feelings make it hard to go about your normal routine. Of Skin and Wellness treats mental health conditions and symptoms such as:


Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental health conditions that affect how you think and feel, making it hard to function. If you have persistent feelings of sadness or despair or worry so much that you can’t concentrate, it’s time to schedule a mental health evaluation at Of Skin and Wellness.


Trouble sleeping

Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep is a common symptom of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Poor sleep also exacerbates these conditions. Carmen can determine the cause of your sleep trouble and create a plan to improve it.


Stressful life events

Of Skin and Wellness provides mental health services for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as trauma, grief, and burnout.   If you’ve experienced a traumatic event, feel overworked or overwhelmed, are adjusting to major changes, or suffering a significant loss  — you don’t have to go it alone. 


Difficulty focusing or staying on task

Difficulty focusing, disorganization, impulsiveness, procrastination and poor time management are signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 


Unpredictable mood swings

Extreme feelings of sadness and despair paired with feelings of euphoria, mania, or irritability are common symptoms of bipolar disorder and can interfere with sleep, ability to think clearly, relationships, and everyday tasks. Bipolar disorder does not improve on its own.


Tobacco, alcohol, and substance use

Stressful life events may trigger excessive use of drugs or alcohol. Without early intervention, drug or alcohol use may turn into substance use disorder (SUD). This brain disorder causes a compulsive urge to use the drug despite the harmful consequences it causes.

What treatments can benefit my mental health?

Carmen completes a comprehensive evaluation before making any treatment recommendations. Mental health treatments available at Of Skin and Wellness include medication management, psychotherapy, and behavioral therapy. 

To learn more, call Of Skin and Wellness or book a mental health appointment online today.