Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing services offered in Durham and Charlotte, NC and Arlington, VA

Genetics play a role in the development of many health conditions. At Of Skin and Wellness, with locations in Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Arlington, Virginia, Carmen Chatten, FNP-BC, performs genetic testing to customize health and wellness plans that work with your genes. Are you genetically predisposed to a slow metabolism? Do you have concerns about food sensitivities? A DNA-based test can provide the answers you need. Call the office nearest you or schedule your genetic testing online today.

Genetic Testing Q&A

What should I know about genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a type of lab test that looks for variations in genes, chromosomes, or proteins linked to diseases or health concerns. These tests can diagnose a genetic condition or determine your risk for developing one.

You have two sets of genes, each inherited from your parents. Most of the genes in the human body are the same. However, a small percentage of genes differ, creating your unique characteristics. 

Though still in the early stages of research, scientists are learning that variations in certain genes may increase the risk of certain health conditions. However, having these genetic variations doesn’t mean you’ll get that disease. 

Of Skin and Wellness offers genetic testing to look for these genetic variations and help you create lifestyle changes that lower your risk of health problems.  

Genetic testing at Of Skin and Wellness only requires a sample of cells taken from inside your cheek. No needles or blood draws.


I struggle with my weight. What type of genetic testing do I need?

Of Skin and Wellness uses DNA-based genetic testing to better understand your health and why you may struggle with health issues like your weight. Carmen offers different types of DNA-based tests, including: 


Health and wellness DNA test

The health and wellness DNA test looks at 45 genetic markers that provide key information about nutrient metabolism, food intolerances, and heart health

This comprehensive genetic test consists of a panel of 45 genetic markers that enable your healthcare professional to provide you with personalized nutrition advice and physical activity recommendations tailored to your DNA.

This test can help you determine how you respond to key components of your diet as well as physical activity.

The results of this test can impact:

  • Weight loss & body composition
  • Nutrient metabolism
  • Heart health
  • Food intolerances
  • Eating habits


Sports and performance DNA test

The sports and performance DNA test looks at 45 genetic markers that influence nutritional requirements and athletic performance. The DNA-based test also helps you determine your risk of injuries and understand your athletic strengths.

Genetic testing at Of Skin and Wellness only requires a sample of cells taken from inside your cheek. No needles or blood draws.

The recommendations in this report will enable your coach, trainer or sport nutritionist to provide you with personalized nutrition and training recommendations based on your genetic profile.

The recommendations can help you:

  • Improve your body composition
  • Identify potential food intolerances
  • Optimize heart health
  • Determine your nutrient requirements

The test also includes markers that can help you determine your risk for certain injuries and understand where your athletic performance strengths lie.

These recommendations can help you get a step ahead of the competition by unleashing your genetic potential.


What can I expect after genetic testing? 

After your genetic testing at Of Skin and Wellness, Carmen provides you with your personalized genetic wellness report. 

Carmen discusses the wellness report with you and what it means. She then uses the information to create your DNA-based meal plan that includes foods that work with your genes to improve your health and well-being. She also gives you a fitness plan.

Carmen offers health coaching to help you incorporate the diet and lifestyle changes that help you achieve your goals.

Of Skin and Wellness takes an innovative and personalized approach to health and wellness. Call the office nearest to you or use the online booking feature to schedule your genetic testing consultation today.